muzej vazduhoplovstva

the aviation museum on belgradestreets has seen better days but it makes a great day out, despite the crumbling edifice and faded glory you can find more information at the official website or the museum may need some attention, like many of the museums on belgradestreets, but, unlike many, it remains open and … Continue reading muzej vazduhoplovstva


I know I have strayed from the path recently. My posts have perhaps become a little self-indulgent, random, and a little less focused than my original plan for belgradestreets. That plan being one street per week, but hey, if I had stuck to that plan it may not have been such an interesting journey. So, … Continue reading abstract

people are strange

Anyone who has followed my twitter feed will know that I am a big fan of "The Doors". I love this track "People are strange", which, given that I have lived in many cities in which I have been, at least initially, a stranger, has resonance. "People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look … Continue reading people are strange

manjež defies the fall

Summer left, the rain poured down, autumn loomed. And err....then summer exploded back onto belgradestreets. Where else does the temperature bounce around between 11C and 33C in the space of a few days. Anyone remember the Danube freezing when we hit -25C and then only four weeks later it was t-shirts on for 24C? Where … Continue reading manjež defies the fall

sometimes dreams come true

September 2012, marked one year of belgradestreets. This post is a thank you to those good people at Komshe who have recently published my book, belgradestreets, which features images taken from this blog. I would particularly like to thank Branko Andrić, the Managing Director of Komshe d.o.o. for backing the idea, and taking the book … Continue reading sometimes dreams come true

bulevar kralja aleksandra

A street that, like many in Belgrade, has been known by many names. Bulevar Oslobođenja (Boulevard of the Liberation) and then Bulevar Revolucije (Boulevard of the Revolution). In the late 1990s, the name was switched back to its earlier form. Or simply "the bulevar" The history of the street's name a pointer to Belgrade's rich … Continue reading bulevar kralja aleksandra

what lies beneath

Fear. Most of us live our lives mercifully free from fear. Every now and then maybe we meet a situation that reminds us that the world is challenging, edgy, and sometimes not what we expect. In search of the only underground railway station on belgradestreets I picked, at random, one of the many stairways down … Continue reading what lies beneath

tašmajdan unseen

This is my third set of images, captured this weekend in Tašmajdan Park. Perhaps not the most conventional views. There are plenty of those I feel? These images capture a side of belgradestreets that will one day disappear. It may not be the most attractive, yet the street art tells its own visceral, powerful, moving … Continue reading tašmajdan unseen


This post is in memory of those that died at this site in 1999. To others who died at that time. To all those who lose their lives when relationships break down, humanity is lost, and the gun, the bomb, the missile are all that remain. It is not a value judgement on who was … Continue reading 1999

crkva svetog marka

This weekend, I walked up Resavska towards Tašmajdan intent on capturing a set of images for this week's main post. Walking up Resavska, the church of St Mark, Crkva Svetog Marka, dominates the scene with its striking red and cream coloured brickwork. On arriving at Tašmajdan, I was struck by the contrasts on offer. Approaching … Continue reading crkva svetog marka