Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Destruction. Loss. Hatred. Fear. Dare we look beyond the destruction, the loss, the hatred, the fear? If not? What?

tašmajdan unseen

This is my third set of images, captured this weekend in Tašmajdan Park. Perhaps not the most conventional views. There are plenty of those I feel? These images capture a side of belgradestreets that will one day disappear. It may not be the most attractive, yet the street art tells its own visceral, powerful, moving … Continue reading tašmajdan unseen


This post is in memory of those that died at this site in 1999. To others who died at that time. To all those who lose their lives when relationships break down, humanity is lost, and the gun, the bomb, the missile are all that remain. It is not a value judgement on who was … Continue reading 1999

crkva svetog marka

This weekend, I walked up Resavska towards Tašmajdan intent on capturing a set of images for this week's main post. Walking up Resavska, the church of St Mark, Crkva Svetog Marka, dominates the scene with its striking red and cream coloured brickwork. On arriving at Tašmajdan, I was struck by the contrasts on offer. Approaching … Continue reading crkva svetog marka