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Promocija knjige Belgradestreets u Dvorištancetu

Join me next Thursday evening, 23 July at 19:00 at Klub Dvoristance, Brace Krsmanovica 14, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia to see Belgrade through my eyes courtesy of Klub Dvoristance and publishers Komshe.

Would be great to see you there!


Now thrilled to announce that that the team at the Belgrade Foreign Visitor’s Club have decided to combine their popular “Thirsty Thursday Event” with my exhibition at Klub Dvoristance this Thursday evening, 23 July at 19:00 .

Do hope you can come and thanks again to Dimitrije and Branko and all their colleagues at Komshe!

pride and joy


So thrilled today to receive my very own copy of my second book featuring my images of Belgrade. Thank you Dimitrije and Branko at Komshe!

And happy to let you know that an event in Belgrade to promote the book and exhibit some of my photos is being planned for this Summer.

Watch this space and thank you for following belgradestreets!

interview in “Britić The British Serb Magazine”

At the start of October, I gave an interview to Britić, a magazine produced for the Serbian community living in Britain.

If you are interested in reading it, the interview can be found by clicking on this link.

Interview with Andy Townend: author, photo-blogger of belgradestreets « Britić – The British Serb magazine.

Thanks again for following belgradestreets.

sometimes dreams come true

September 2012, marked one year of belgradestreets.

This post is a thank you to those good people at Komshe who have recently published my book, belgradestreets, which features images taken from this blog.

I would particularly like to thank Branko Andrić, the Managing Director of Komshe d.o.o. for backing the idea, and taking the book to market, Ivan Grujić for his design work, Dimitrije Stamenković for his work placing the books in stores across Belgrade, and everyone at Komshe.

And a special thank you to Zafiris Lampadaridis whose chance encounter with my blog in its early days, led to a cup of coffee…that gave birth to the idea for a book.

A moment I never imagined would be possible.

I am very grateful to Komshe for their support and confidence in belgradestreets.

Their guidebooks have provided much inspiration and much-needed background as I have explored belgradestreets.

I commend them to you.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting on my posts. And my apologies for the rather self indulgent nature of this one!

It has been a wonderful journey and it is far from over.

I am looking forward to continuing to share belgradestreets with you.

ivan, branko and dimitrije


Details of where to buy the book can be found here.

Thank you for following belgradestreets.

belgradestreets book…

park bench

September 5, 2011 was a special day for me.

The image above, park bench, was the first that I tentatively uploaded to what I had decided, ambitiously I thought then, would be a blog called belgradestreets.

As the blog has developed a life of its own my feelings for this wonderful city, and its people, have grown also.

Today was another special day; the day I signed a deal for a book based on photos from my blog.

So; here’s to Belgrade, the people who live and work here and those fine people at Komshe who will soon bring belgradestreets into print.

And thank you to every single person who has visited my site, pressed the like button, lingered a while, commented.

A very special day.

My very own “Fly Fishing by J R Hartley” moment!

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