belgradestreets featured in Travel+ magazine, China

Earlier this Summer, I gave an interview to Ying Hsu, Senior Editor at China's Travel plus magazine.A great opportunity to share my passion for belgradestreets with a wider audience.The article reproduced below is on the Travel + websiteThank you for following belgradestreets!

one year on belgradestreets

One year ago, 5 September 2012, I posted a single image to a new blog, belgradestreets. Thanks to you, those who read, like, and comment, on my posts, belgradestreets has altered my view of the world. Given me a new creative outlet. Changed my life. Always interested in blogging and photography, I had never chanced … Continue reading one year on belgradestreets

crkva svetog marka

This weekend, I walked up Resavska towards Tašmajdan intent on capturing a set of images for this week's main post. Walking up Resavska, the church of St Mark, Crkva Svetog Marka, dominates the scene with its striking red and cream coloured brickwork. On arriving at Tašmajdan, I was struck by the contrasts on offer. Approaching … Continue reading crkva svetog marka