This post is in memory of those that died at this site in 1999.

To others who died at that time.

To all those who lose their lives when relationships break down, humanity is lost, and the gun, the bomb, the missile are all that remain.

It is not a value judgement on who was right, who was wrong.

Simply a moment to think.

DSC 4339 2727  2012 03 24 at 13 58 31  Version 3


DSC 4349 2737  2012 03 24 at 14 00 37


DSC 4348 2736  2012 03 24 at 14 00 15


4 thoughts on “1999

  1. The first photo is shocking. Such a sad reminder of what happened just a few years ago.

  2. Shocking indeed…such images make us all think what can happen when we stop communicating and resort to arms….thanks again for visiting and commenting

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