muzej vazduhoplovstva

the aviation museum on belgradestreets has seen better days

but it makes a great day out, despite the crumbling edifice and faded glory

you can find more information at the official website or

the museum may need some attention, like many of the museums on belgradestreets, but, unlike many, it remains open and the staff are wonderful, helpful and polite and worth supporting

thank you to them and to you for visiting belgradestreets once more

lift off
stairway to heaven
pointy end
cleaning windows

7 thoughts on “muzej vazduhoplovstva

  1. that means a lot to me john, thank you, this blog has allowed me to express myself in new ways, given me a way to tell stories which i have always wanted to do…it has surprised and delighted me that others have enjoyed what i do and see…

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