time to stand?

During a walk full of reflection, sorrow, fear for the future, I came across this sculpture. The faces cried out to me. I felt their pain, their anguish, their fear for the future, their loss. The words on the plaque read: "To Jewish victims of Nazi genocide in Belgrade and Serbia 1941 - 1944. People … Continue reading time to stand?


I'm a man in search of inspiration. Looking for a way to keep belgradestreets fresh, alive. One way is to spread further afield, I have barely scratched the surface of Novi Beograd and countless other communities that make up this captivating city? Another would be to search for a more thematic approach, I'm toying with … Continue reading тиршова

the world didn’t end

All those people who travelled today to far-flung places to seek the protection of aliens from the long foreshadowed end of the world went to the wrong place. Here on Knez Mihaila we have our very own pyramid. I arrived early this morning to capture the crowds waiting for the apocalypse and the appearance of … Continue reading the world didn’t end

novo groblje

The dead are never alone on belgradestreets. These images were captured during a walk around belgradestreets this weekend. I had heard much about the "new cemetery" and decided it was time to visit. Not one cemetery but a complex of interlinked resting places. The cemetery opened in 1886 after that in Tašmajden closed and is … Continue reading novo groblje

господска улица

the first of a few posts I plan featuring the streets of Zemun, just a short bus ride along the Danube from belgradestreets... a poster at the end of the street reads "this street has always been renowned for its merchants' shops and houses of the distinguished Zemun inhabitants of the 18th and 19th century, … Continue reading господска улица

manjež defies the fall

Summer left, the rain poured down, autumn loomed. And err....then summer exploded back onto belgradestreets. Where else does the temperature bounce around between 11C and 33C in the space of a few days. Anyone remember the Danube freezing when we hit -25C and then only four weeks later it was t-shirts on for 24C? Where … Continue reading manjež defies the fall

studentski trg

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my gorgeous (and uninsured...) Nikon D700 just a few centimetres on to a stone floor. The sound of breaking glass was not great. My heart missed a beat or two. Thanks to the great people at Refot here in Belgrade, I was distinctly relieved (classic British understatement perhaps...) … Continue reading studentski trg

bulevar kralja aleksandra

A street that, like many in Belgrade, has been known by many names. Bulevar Oslobođenja (Boulevard of the Liberation) and then Bulevar Revolucije (Boulevard of the Revolution). In the late 1990s, the name was switched back to its earlier form. Or simply "the bulevar" The history of the street's name a pointer to Belgrade's rich … Continue reading bulevar kralja aleksandra

vukov spomenik

Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, famed for his reform of the Serbian language, is remembered by the work of sculptor, Đorđe Jovanović. Amusingly, as I was finalising the images for this post, I realised that I had somehow omitted to take a photo of the most prominent sculpture in the park. So, I ventured back out into … Continue reading vukov spomenik

passage to pašić

My first post for June was inspired by getting lost en route to a meeting earlier last week. Prominent among the hidden joys of belgradestreets are the myriad passageways, alleys and hidden courtyards. Easy to spend hours wandering and exploring. This passage, between Terazije and Trg Nikola Pašić, has the lot, oh and a gratuitous … Continue reading passage to pašić