what lies beneath


Most of us live our lives mercifully free from fear.

Every now and then maybe we meet a situation that reminds us that the world is challenging, edgy, and sometimes not what we expect.

In search of the only underground railway station on belgradestreets I picked, at random, one of the many stairways down from the sunlit park to the underworld of Vukov Spomenik.

Each step I took, drew me deeper into the darkness as the concrete steps wound down and round.

I began to realise that the lights were off, the air musty, the heat unbearable.

Then I found my way blocked by locked chains.

My next foray below belgradestreets took me down more concrete steps, adorned with graffiti.

The world below dark, insufferably hot, shops, cafes all closed.

The sunlight and laughter from the park above seemed far away.

The empty, hot, dim corridors calling to be explored, come this way…

Every city has its underbelly. Part of what makes each city tick, live.

Hidden corners, fascinating insights into a world unseen to those basking in the heat of the sun.

Life on belgradestreets is never dull!

A little more from below Vukov Spomenik soon.

Fear not.


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