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airport books…

One freezing cold day in January 2011, I arrived at this airport, tired and anxious about the future

I had no idea how much my life would change because of this city, and the people who live and work there

The book was a lucky break

I will never be able to to give back what the city and the people who live there gave to me but I will never stop trying 

And thank you to Komshe for all your support 


#photo101 wrap up

Big thank you to The Daily Post from WordPress for featuring my photo “glass” from “through a glass darkly” in their wrap up post for a great month of phototography and friendship.



Check out the other great photographers featured by The Daily Post team here.

You can also see my #photo101 contributions from my “other” blog featuring the streets of België here.

And take a look at some of my favourite photographic companions from #photo101 by clicking here or by clicking on the links below.

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And look out for more from belgradestreets soon…

thank you Komshe and all who have purchased the belgradestreets book

With the help of my friends at Komshe all royalties from sales of my book belgradestreets will now be donated to the fund to help victims of the tragic floods in Serbia.

The heroes of this time are the people of Serbia who have come together with their neighbours to help those who are suffering.

With no concern for their own safety, or their own daily problems, they have selflessly and tirelessly worked to help those in need.

And they are still doing so and need our help now.

I would like to say a very special thank you to Komshe and every person who has bought a copy of my book and so made it possible to help in this way.


“spotted by locals”

this morning I received a message from “spotted by locals” stating that “our Belgrade locals have selected your blog as one of the best in the city”

this week “spotted by locals” are running their “Belgrade City of the Week” campaign

congratulations also to “belgrade raw”, “still in belgrade” and “a yankee in belgrade” for being featured — go check them out to learn more about this wonderful city…


check out the “spotted by locals” iPhone app with tips by Belgrade locals which is available for free during this week….

thank you to all who follow belgradestreets!

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