Photography is my passion.

I love to capture places, people, moments and record the impact of a particular time or emotion.

belgradestreets have captured my heart.

I’d like to thank you for taking a stroll along belgradestreets, a place where I bring together my passion for photography, writing and communication.

I’m living and working as a consultant in Belgrade, Serbia, and, as I explore belgradestreets, I am learning much about this amazing city, the people who live and work here, about myself, and about life.

When I set out on this journey my original goal was to capture belgradestreets with a series of weekly photographs, street by street. Soon enough, belgradestreets took on a life of their own and my photographs and words became a journal, a place where I share my thoughts and feelings as I explore this city, get to know its people and what they mean to me.

belgradestreets hold the spirit of the city and its fascinating and diverse people.

A city not yet overrun by global culture and repetitive brands.

A city full of life, determination, memories and hope for the future.

belgradestreets, however rundown, overflow with life, colour, history and character.

Those who live and work on belgradestreets throw their arms open, with enthusiasm, welcoming visitors into their embrace.

Belgraders have seen hard times and yet in spite of this, possibly as a result of it, take life as it comes, devoting much of their time to their passion for life.

Belgrade is a city that has been through so much its people cannot remain reserved, living life behind closed doors, instead life spills onto the streets.

Some say that my work on belgradestreets is held together by the same contradictory emotions that bind Belgrade, and its people, together as a city, that there is a deep melancholy to some of my images but even at their most intense they evoke the humour and light of this city.

I hope that you will join me on my journey as I explore belgradestreets and capture images which tell a story, about the streets, about the city of Belgrade, about this wonderful country, Serbia, and its richly diverse people…

Welcome again to belgradestreets through my heart, my soul…through my eye.

There are other routes for you to join me as I explore belgradestreets and you are most welcome to do so…






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  1. Really enjoying reading and watching your blog (is this blog?). Reminds me that city where I live, sometimes really is great. One must just stop and look ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you :)Really

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  2. Hi Andy!
    I just discovered your site through a recommendation from Marina and I really enjoy your photos. I lived in Beograd from 2006 to 2009 and I go back as often as possible. Some of my best friends are from Beograd and your photos always bring back nice memories. Well done! Hope you will enjoy Serbia as much as I did!

  3. Love Belgrade, a metropolitan city in hiding ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for giving me some pictures to remind me of all these beautiful places.
    Nadam se da ces jos mnogo uslikati ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  4. I”m using the same theme for my blog – twenty eleven. I still have a lot to learn because I had no idea you could put your own pix as the banner. I also didn’t know you could input pix in the body of the post. THANK YOU.

    You wouldn’t have any pix of Zagreb or Dubrovnik would you ? How is it over there? How are the people doing? It was all so beautiful when I was there. Take care.

  5. wow, i was simply amazed with your photographs! And it just fills my heart with joy when i find someone (not Serbian;)) who sees our capital and our country the way you see it and it makes me even happier to see actually whole blog dedicated to it:) Seriously:)
    Greetings from a Belgrade girl who moved to London at about the same time as you moved to Belgrade…..can’t wait to see future posts:)


  6. thanks, i am stunned that I managed to help anyone figure out how to use WordPress….but delighted also! no pix of Z or D yet….people are remarkable given the history…election looking so could be an interesting time ahead (and for street photography i imagine)…

  7. thank you, it is a remarkable city and one I had never visited before…hope i can live up to the expectation my site seems to have created…

  8. Andy, Adore the pix! I noticed many shots were different pathways – roads, trails, rivers. Very stunning. I love those types of photos. Pathways & doorways. Nice eye! I’m reblogging. People need to see the beauty there… thankyou for sharing with us.

  9. thank you, much appreciated, i have learned a lot since starting this blog in september last year…

  10. Thank you, when I set out with this blog I had no idea that it would develop in the way it has, I am privileged to live here at this time and am very happy to be able to share my images with so many people who care…

  11. I’ve studied the Balkans & have some friends from Beograd, so I find your project interesting. I’d definitely love to visit the area for some length of time, & before it gets fully “branded” (so far I’ve been to Montenegro). Great blog, thank you!

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  12. Very well said Andy – and very true. Not as “glamorous” as some Old World European Citys – but unique, with a quality all of it’s own – Belgrade.

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  13. Nice photos Andy . It is always interesting to see Belgrade thru the lens of the people who were actually not born there.

  14. Hey Andy, I hope that one day you can turn your passion into your work and then get to spread your work, because I think it’s wonderful, the urban feel of your photos is fantastic!

  15. Very nice ,thank you Andy for your efort to save and show what everybody sees but only few may observe

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  16. Glad to see someone’s photographing and documenting the changes on the streets of Belgrade ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re having fun and hope you remember Belgrade fondly, if and when you leave it behind.

  17. Funny, I just came across this site as I wanted to see if there were any photographs of Belgrade out there, the architecture, people, life etc. As I was thinking of doing the same! I see there is ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great work!

  18. Thank you for that, very kind and I am delighted to accept your nomination. Will have to work up my response as soon as I can! Thanks again!

  19. Dear Andy, I wrote in another section as well, but wanted to add this. Your photos and blog (but is it really just that??) brought tears to my eyes, and is definitely deserved of the nomination from above and a book deal (and I hope there will be more than photos in it :-)). Your “eye” and how you use it to photograph this city along with your words about it, definitely evokes so many emotions for those who adore it as well. But I am curious, and possibly you said this somewhere on your site that I didn’t see, but may I ask if this was/is your first time in Serbia? My first time was in 2005, and the experience changed my life; however, every time I return (and I’ll be back in Sept), I notice that it has changed a little more, but luckily not within its true “soul” which is its people, and I just hope that it will not change them as well as they begin to get more publicity. And one more question, by chance are you in contact with or know the photographers of Belgrade Raw as I do see some similarities in your approaches to photography. Regards to you and congrats on all. Linda

  20. Hello and thank you again Linda! This was my first time in Serbia and it has been an extraordinary experience. I have certainly see the Belgrade Raw site although never been in contact. Perhaps I should. I am delighted that you like my blog and really appreciate your very kind remarks. Thanks again, Andy

  21. Thanks also for the tip re Lekino Brdo, haven’t been there yet, but will take a look. Thanks also for the link to your images, nice work. Andy

  22. Well done Andy
    you helped me with your photo’s to awaken some feelings for my hometown, which have long been misplaced and lost. People like you are valuable to the city. You have done more to promote Belgrade than most people who live in it.
    Good luck in the future

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  23. i ve been in belgrade in the 90s, before the war.really enjoyed it then, don t know much about the city and its people nowadays…thanks a lot for this opportunity.i do hope everything will work out great for those nice fellows overthere.god bless!

    Note: This comment has been transferred from my old “about belgradestreets” page

  24. Pingback: | belgradestreets
  25. Your photos always bring back nice memories. Maybe one day I move back to my hometown. I really miss Belgrade, belgradstreets, not reserved people and much more. OK, Belgrade is not most beautiful city but he has his own soul, which is you begin recognize. Hope you will enjoy Belgrade ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the great photo and book.

  26. Srdjana, Thank you so much for your thoughts, it is indeed a fascinating city and one which quickly draws you in… thank you for following belgradestreets! Best, Andy

  27. I came across your website accidentally when i was looking for pictures of Belgrade & Serbia… Your pictures mean so much to me because I am half Serbian. My mother is Serbian.
    We used to vacation in Serbia as children & have very fond memories of the country. I have not been back since 1997 & ache to go there so much. Visa issues prevent me from going.
    I feel like you are my eyes to Belgrade…. you capture each & every corner. Bring out the beauty in the least expected places.
    Thank you for your beautiful work & for bringing me closer although thousands of miles away.

  28. Truly amazing stuff! Belgrade is a part of my soul as I have serbian father but was born abroad. With your project I can get to know what I feel is a part of me but do not know as well as would like to. Im going to show my family and friends your site, and i am going to feel proud about my heritage. Thank you for that!

  29. Well your photos here make me understand why you would want to explore Belgrade further – there is so much to see and absorb. Good luck with your exploring, and I will come back from time to time to share in the joy of your discoveries.

  30. Thank you for becoming a subscriber. I’m delighted to discover your work as well.

  31. Dear Andy,

    After placing the photo series “Stairway to Heaven” I must give you credit for all the beautiful photos you posted on your blog belgradestreets.com.

    When I looked at the picture that shows the old window with metal shutters in a serial street Djure Danicica, I wondered whether this is Kandinsky, Klee or Chagall?

    I know that you have excellent Nikon camera, but according to our proverb:
    “The battle is not won by the weapon, but by the hero.”

    I’m sad that you donโ€™t offer at least one image with higher resolution in one series.

    I’m interested, and I believe many others, so I would like to ask for a response on the blog, when and how do you choose to shoot a picture black and white, or you later in the process color deliberately switch to black and white?.

    Regards, Aleksandar

  32. Dear Aleksandar,

    Thank you for taking a look and your very kind words, particularly as I know you have a fine eye for detail, colour and space in your own work!

    I’ll have a think about the high res idea.

    My choice of black and white tends to be “mood” driven, sometimes I will set out to capture mono images, those of the cemetery for example where the subject seemed to work better in mono. Sometimes when looking at the set of pictures after a shoot I just have a “feeling” that they might work better in mono.

    I shoot most of my images these days using my Nikon D700 in “RAW” mode, I can set the camera to record in mono which helps compose in camera if I’ve set out to do that. And later, I’ve total flexibility. I use a couple of great filter sets from Nik Software; Color Efex Pro4 which I use to get the slightly washed out look of some of the pictures and Sliver Efex Pro which is a wonderful app for mono. I organise my images using Aperture 3.

    I’m learning all the time and having a wonderful time documenting an inspiring subject.

    Thanks again for visiting belgradestreets!

    Best regards,


  33. Wow, I love you Blog. I’m currently living in Kazan, Russia. I was do research for my blog when I stumbled upon yours. I hope you are okay that I shared a link from mine to yours.

  34. Sometimes it takes an outsider to appreciate our old surroundings in a new way – from reading some of the comments above, it looks like you are doing a wonderful service introducing people to Belgrade but also bringing it back to those who lost it for whatever reasons.

  35. Thank you so much for this — I lost it in my spam inbox ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so I will now start to prepare my entry!! Thank you again, would love to hear about your next trip to BGD ๐Ÿ™‚


  36. Looking forward to your entry ๐Ÿ™‚
    Not this year, but maybe next ๐Ÿ™‚ Until then Iยดll live on the photos taken last summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. “A city full of life, determination, memories and hope for the future.” This is so well said, Andy…!! I visited Belgrade this weekend for the first time and I feel about it the same way… great blog!!

  38. In the last years Iยดve stopped several times in the Balkans and Belgrade has become one of my fave cities ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog is nice because it captures cityยดs vibe! impressive. keep on going

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