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‘mr pohotny, senior vice president of a bank prominent in the capital city, met god on a train’

– zoran zivoković, the train


I love writing.

I love reading.

There was a time, long long ago, when two of the few things that kept me sane were the well thumbed pages of an Isaac Asimov novel, oh, and strawberry jam sandwiches. With lots of creamy butter on thickly sliced white bread. Pure poison, the sandwich, not Asimov, that was ‘Childhood’s End’, literally and metaphorically.

I was barely eight years old.

But, that’s another story.

This post is not about me, well not really, it’s about a man called Zoran Živković.

And it’s also, indirectly, about a country, a city, a people, and a whole bloody lot more.

But mostly, it’s about him.

I’m a big fan of Stephen King, I’m one of his ‘constant readers’. My recollection may…

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cover art

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was to imagine the cover of a favourite book, album or magazine.

In a curious twist of fate, this coincided with a new edition of my book going on sale in bookshops across Belgrade, so please forgive this unashamed plug for my work…

I never imagined this would be possible back in September 2011 when I launched belgradestreets.

Thank you to all who have followed and liked my work.

And once again thank you to my friends at Komshe for all their support!

Have a great weekend!


This is my contribution to the latest Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

“Life is an endless cycle of souls, swirling along the path of the universe, being reborn, but never truly dying before being reborn again.
As long as this cycle continues, we will never really die.”

― Ameila Wolfe



This is my contribution to the latest Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

Photos first published on belgradestreets in October 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


This photo was the first I posted to Instagram, way back in the fall of 2011.

It reminds me of the first walk I took on belgradestreets.

Walking in the snow and ice from the Hotel Mr President opposite the bus station, past the railway station and then up the slope of Nemanjina.

Little did I know then the impact this city and her people would have on me.

Thank you for visiting belgradestreets.

This is my contribution to the latest Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

time to stand?

During a walk full of reflection, sorrow, fear for the future, I came across this sculpture.

The faces cried out to me.

I felt their pain, their anguish, their fear for the future, their loss.

The words on the plaque read:

“To Jewish victims of Nazi genocide in Belgrade and Serbia 1941 – 1944.
People of Serbia, City of Belgrade and Jewish Community

“Јеврејима жртвама нацистичког геноцида
У Београду ду и Србији 1941 -1944
Народ Србије град Београд и јеврејска општина

By learning from this, by holding our hands out to each other when times are dark and troubled, we can avoid this horror.

Hasn’t this country suffered enough?

Will someone, once more, stand for political office to make a real difference?

Give us a future we so richly deserve?

Free of pain. Free of self interest. Free of prejudice and fear.

Stand and fight for what really matters?

It’s time.



“To be a wave understanding the influence of the moon;
To be a tree and read the memory of the leaves;
To be an insignificant pedestrian on the streets”

– Dejan Stojanovic

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“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”
― Mae West

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