Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

“Life is an endless cycle of souls, swirling along the path of the universe, being reborn, but never truly dying before being reborn again. As long as this cycle continues, we will never really die.” ― Ameila Wolfe This is my contribution to the latest Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress. Photos … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

muzej vazduhoplovstva

the aviation museum on belgradestreets has seen better days but it makes a great day out, despite the crumbling edifice and faded glory you can find more information at the official website http://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.org.rs or http://www.aeronauticalmuseum.com the museum may need some attention, like many of the museums on belgradestreets, but, unlike many, it remains open and … Continue reading muzej vazduhoplovstva

belgrade aviation museum

the image above is of the wonderful Belgrade Aviation Museum, well worth a visit if you are on belgradestreets you can find more information at the official web site http://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.org.rs or http://www.aeronauticalmuseum.com my original intention had been to post a series of images I captured both in and outside the museum, once I realised that … Continue reading belgrade aviation museum


I first encountered this place when I took my car to be repaired at a garage just across the bridge in Novi Beograd. I was fascinated by the shadowy tower looming above a decaying circular building, grimy, gritty, forgotten. Casual enquiries, along the lines of "any idea what that is...?" produced not much. A quick … Continue reading sajmište

muzej savremene umetnosti

Decided to add an extra post today, a sort of 'Sunday Supplement'. Yesterday, whilst shopping at Ušće for some of the random necessities of life, I wandered across the swathe of parkland that lies along the river toward what seemed a rather fascinating yet random group of sculptures set among the grass and trees, it … Continue reading muzej savremene umetnosti