tadeuša košćuška

Grids, lines, patterns, symbolism. Symmetry. Asymmetry. Lone man steps out. Open bins. Closed shutters. Circular balconies. Private boxes for the Kalemegdan show? Sorrowful eyes behind mosaic bars. Windows to the soul. Dvojka, chariot of the gods. These are belgradestreets.

Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

The damp night air, heavy with fumes, enveloped him, suffocating, cloying, his head spinning. Head down, he walked on, lifting one foot in front of the other. Heart pounding, he hoped he had not been seen. There had been a moment, fleeting, the one when the three guys walked past him, when he felt it … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

an englishman in belgrade 2

With thanks to RTS, this is the extended version of their short film about belgradestreets aired on TV in Serbia and on RTS Satellite over the 2012 holiday period. Original, shorter version, with Serbian commentary here. Thank you once again to RTS for their work to promote belgradestreets, and to Komshe for publishing belgradestreets. Check … Continue reading an englishman in belgrade 2

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Destruction. Loss. Hatred. Fear. Dare we look beyond the destruction, the loss, the hatred, the fear? If not? What?

festival nauke 6.0

Science. Physics, chemistry and so much more burn bright on belgradestreets. The future of belgradestreets, the next generation, were presenting their knowledge and their passion for learning today. The generation to come? They were here in droves, busloads, listening, interacting, learning, being inspired. They are the future of this country. Not a bad way to … Continue reading festival nauke 6.0


First impressions can be wrong. Cars were one of the first things that left an impression in my mind on belgradestreets. All those months ago, late in the evening of 31 January 2011, when I arrived full of all the expectations, hopes and fears associated with arrival in a new and unfamiliar city. Having spent … Continue reading cars

muzej vazduhoplovstva

the aviation museum on belgradestreets has seen better days but it makes a great day out, despite the crumbling edifice and faded glory you can find more information at the official website http://www.muzejvazduhoplovstva.org.rs or http://www.aeronauticalmuseum.com the museum may need some attention, like many of the museums on belgradestreets, but, unlike many, it remains open and … Continue reading muzej vazduhoplovstva

skender begova

After a few rather random and rambling posts, here are some images of a new street, new to me at least. Recommended by a former resident, I must confess I found this shoot challenging. Tucked away in Dorcol, skender begova seems to encapsulate so much of what belgradestreets have been saying to me, faded glory, … Continue reading skender begova


I know I have strayed from the path recently. My posts have perhaps become a little self-indulgent, random, and a little less focused than my original plan for belgradestreets. That plan being one street per week, but hey, if I had stuck to that plan it may not have been such an interesting journey. So, … Continue reading abstract

people are strange

Anyone who has followed my twitter feed will know that I am a big fan of "The Doors". I love this track "People are strange", which, given that I have lived in many cities in which I have been, at least initially, a stranger, has resonance. "People are strange when you're a stranger Faces look … Continue reading people are strange