an englishman in belgrade 2

With thanks to RTS, this is the extended version of their short film about belgradestreets aired on TV in Serbia and on RTS Satellite over the 2012 holiday period.

Original, shorter version, with Serbian commentary here.

Thank you once again to RTS for their work to promote belgradestreets, and to Komshe for publishing belgradestreets.

Check this for more from WordPress about using video on your blog.

12 thoughts on “an englishman in belgrade 2

  1. Great site. Love the pictures – they capture the spirit of the city. Belgrade is close to our hearts and we are pleased to see you bringing it such well-deserved attention. Really like the video too.

  2. Thank you for that! I am having a great time documenting the streets of Belgrade so it’s rewarding when those who know the city tell me they like my work 🙂

  3. Enjoyable …but too short. I’ve found that the music is written by another Englishman in Belgrade: Malcom Bridger.
    Have a great day … or good evening (because of Swedenis carbon black out there jus now).

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