roy g. biv

Each week I take part in the DP WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, and post here and on my other blogs belgianstreets and andytownend.  The challenge this week was to incorporate all the colours of the rainbow.  My posts on the other two blogs each had an Australian flavour. In responding to a comment from my … Continue reading roy g. biv


A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. In 1970, Australian educator, journalist and politician Irina Dunn created the phrase by scribbling it on two bathroom doors: one at Sydney University where she was then a student, and the other at Soren's Wine Bar in Woolloomooloo. This post is not about women, … Continue reading woolloomooloo


First impressions can be wrong. Cars were one of the first things that left an impression in my mind on belgradestreets. All those months ago, late in the evening of 31 January 2011, when I arrived full of all the expectations, hopes and fears associated with arrival in a new and unfamiliar city. Having spent … Continue reading cars