skender begova

After a few rather random and rambling posts, here are some images of a new street, new to me at least.

Recommended by a former resident, I must confess I found this shoot challenging.

Tucked away in Dorcol, skender begova seems to encapsulate so much of what belgradestreets have been saying to me, faded glory, modernist new building, grit, determination, passion and a love for life.

Oh, and these photos are for Paul, and for Brian. And if either ever happen to read this post, I guess they will know why.

More from belgradestreets soon.

former glory
men at work
for paul

8 thoughts on “skender begova

  1. Good work, thank you Andy. Even though you pics are details … I think that I recognised ‘heroes’ one, my elementary school ‘Janko Veselinovic’ and ‘circle’ seams to be across the road from my house near by … my math teacher from Gymnasium Adela was living at that building. I know your pics are not about that, but still, it was nice to see something that stayed with me over the years. Nice work! Cheers Andy 🙂

  2. oh my god..thats my building’s door !!.. Im far away from my home, im very emotinal now !!!! :((( Good job ! Thank u !!

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