đorđe jovanovića

đorđe jovanović (1861 - 1953) a Serbian sculptor, born in Novi Sad, died in Belgrade, much of his work is found on belgradestreets the street which bears his name is hidden behind the glorious green market, Бајлонијева пијаца, the subject of one of my earliest posts way back in October 2011 I pass that market … Continue reading đorđe jovanovića

fall in kalemegdan

I know, it will be 33C again this week, but hey I'm sorry, nature considers the fall is here. Kalemegdan is one of my most loved parts of belgradestreets. Not a street, but the heart, lungs of this city? So, here are some images of the shift to the fall, however reluctant mother nature may … Continue reading fall in kalemegdan

studentski trg

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my gorgeous (and uninsured...) Nikon D700 just a few centimetres on to a stone floor. The sound of breaking glass was not great. My heart missed a beat or two. Thanks to the great people at Refot here in Belgrade, I was distinctly relieved (classic British understatement perhaps...) … Continue reading studentski trg

summer’s almost gone

"Morning found us calmly unaware Noon burned gold into our hair At night, we swam the laughing sea When summer's gone Where will we be" Probably my all time favourite band. The Doors. Once, many years ago, aged twelve, or thirteen, on a school expedition across Europe I fell in love for the very first … Continue reading summer’s almost gone

пионирски парк

The script for my original post for this weekend developed an interesting plot twist. About which more in due course. Possibly. Reflecting on the reason for my change in plan, I decided to take a quiet stroll through one of Belgrade's many parks. I remember being surprised when first looking at Belgrade on Google Earth … Continue reading пионирски парк

a little more snow…

on waking this morning belgradestreets seemed quiet, it soon became clear why, a thick blanket of snow had fallen over night and was still falling... the advantage of the iPhone is that images can be grabbed whilst travelling back and forth, this morning literally as the tram reversed direction due to the snow...a quick tweet … Continue reading a little more snow…


when I first arrived in Belgrade on the evening of 31 January 2011, the city was covered in a blanket of snow, ice and freezing fog... so far this Winter the weather has been comparably balmy...indeed on Monday, it felt like Spring... all that changed this morning when the city once again woke under a … Continue reading snow…снег…