passage to pašić

My first post for June was inspired by getting lost en route to a meeting earlier last week.

Prominent among the hidden joys of belgradestreets are the myriad passageways, alleys and hidden courtyards.

Easy to spend hours wandering and exploring.

This passage, between Terazije and Trg Nikola Pašić, has the lot, oh and a gratuitous opportunity to attempt an awkward alliterative title.

Street vendors selling hats, trinket boxes, home-made jewellery, you name it…they will probably attempt to sell it to you.

Graffiti. Of course.

Brave architecture, fading now but, even tucked away as it is here, making a strong statement.

Statues, sculptures, style.


Oh, and a Macdonalds….and yes it did make it into one of the images below…

black and white?
stands out
i see you
people watching?
air con
sorry i cut off her hand and feet…just liked the angle
always pays to look up

10 thoughts on “passage to pašić

  1. I am still waiting to get my 50 mm lens too – I think it is the 1.8mm though. I think it will be really great to use it, judging from your photos. I’ll have to put it on my birthday list! My fave shot is the 2nd one, of the hat rack 🙂 Love that you’re bringing such good attention to where you are living now.

  2. I rarely take the 50mm off my camera, it really is a great lens, you will love it I am sure….thank you again for appreciating my images! Andy

  3. I have heard a number of people mention that about the 50mm.. I’m really excited to get it now 🙂 From Day 1 Andy, your blog has been a wonderful one for me to follow!

  4. This passage is also called Bezistan.. Look up the definition of the word bezistan. I think you may find it interesting! As you were approaching the exit leading to the square, maybe you noticed an alley to your left, which leads to Nušićeva Street. it’s definitely one of the secret passageways that deserves some camera attention 🙂

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