time to stand?

During a walk full of reflection, sorrow, fear for the future, I came across this sculpture.

The faces cried out to me.

I felt their pain, their anguish, their fear for the future, their loss.

The words on the plaque read:

“To Jewish victims of Nazi genocide in Belgrade and Serbia 1941 – 1944.
People of Serbia, City of Belgrade and Jewish Community

“Јеврејима жртвама нацистичког геноцида
У Београду ду и Србији 1941 -1944
Народ Србије град Београд и јеврејска општина

By learning from this, by holding our hands out to each other when times are dark and troubled, we can avoid this horror.

Hasn’t this country suffered enough?

Will someone, once more, stand for political office to make a real difference?

Give us a future we so richly deserve?

Free of pain. Free of self interest. Free of prejudice and fear.

Stand and fight for what really matters?

It’s time.


2 thoughts on “time to stand?

  1. Who will pick up the mask and breathe humanity into those faceless ones….we need people of flesh and blood who care for flesh and blood, people who place the good of all above the selfish and partisan. For it’s not the false curse of nationalism that matters but the whole people of the nation.

  2. John , for some reason I have only just seen this comment, you are quite right, how I wish that someone in Serbia would stand up to be counted and give the people a real chance, make a real difference…

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