novo groblje

The dead are never alone on belgradestreets.

These images were captured during a walk around belgradestreets this weekend. I had heard much about the “new cemetery” and decided it was time to visit.

Not one cemetery but a complex of interlinked resting places.

The cemetery opened in 1886 after that in Tašmajden closed and is found by walking along Ruzveltova from Vukov Spomenik, it lies behind a terraced wall and long line of busy and colourful flower stalls, supplemented by those who stand in the street clutching bunches of flowers hoping to make a quick sale.

What struck me most was that this felt like no other cemetery I have visited, it was a bustling metropolis, full of life and so many people. Long lines of graves surrounded with wrought iron, wooden crosses, and statues galore. The pathways are well tended and the trees bring a feeling of peace and serenity.

As I walked along the path, a long column of mourners followed a glass walled electric cart as it hummed along taking its passenger on a final journey, or maybe just in transit to the next world?

This was not a quiet, uncared for place. It was a sign that just as belgradestreets are full of life, that does not end when life does.

The conversation continues.

Worth another visit I think, and if you do find yourself on belgradestreets, you may want to go and take a look.

the path
wrought in peace
man and table
old rugged crosses

6 thoughts on “novo groblje

  1. Hello … you just touched me with this post. I’m so far away from that place now. Some of my relatives are resting in peace there and I never had the time or will to notice those artistic details as you did. Thank you so much.
    If you want to know more of your new readers check our blog
    Maybe we will meet when we come to Belgrade next year.

  2. Thank you Marina, it was an inspiring visit, a place so full of life and movement, quite a contradiction in some ways. Hard reaching an appropriate balance with such a sensitive subject.

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