A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. In 1970, Australian educator, journalist and politician Irina Dunn created the phrase by scribbling it on two bathroom doors: one at Sydney University where she was then a student, and the other at Soren's Wine Bar in Woolloomooloo. This post is not about women, … Continue reading woolloomooloo

sime markovića

Four weeks ago, I set off on a road trip across Europe. The night before I left, I enjoyed one of my favourite meals, mešano meso, šopska salata and a chilled local beer (or was it two?). I chose to sit at one of the tables in the street outside the ? kafana, also one … Continue reading sime markovića

kralja petra

Kralja Petra is one of the most famous of belgradestreets. Running up from the Orthodox Cathedral, cutting across Knez Mihaila and then on down the hill into Dorćol. A street whose cobbled surface retains memories of times gone by. Full of shops, exclusive and otherwise. Restaurant, cafes and bars. The ? kafana sits across from … Continue reading kralja petra

beton hala

beton hala, the concrete hall, a former disused and run down warehouse strip running along the banks of the Sava under the gaze of Kalemegdan is poised to be a major tourist draw as belgradestreets pulls in ever more tourists destined to become a cultural and entertainment hub a short walk from the pleasures of … Continue reading beton hala

kej oslobođenja

This week's post features images shot during a short walk along the banks of the Danube in Zemun. Perhaps not strictly belgradestreets but certainly within walking distance. Well worth the walk. Zemun is a world away from the bloks of New Belgrade. It is easy to spend time wandering its cobbled streets, peering into the … Continue reading kej oslobođenja