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I'm delighted to share O3ONE's images from the belgradestreets exhibition opening last night. Thank you so much to the team at O3ONE for all their hard work in preparing for the exhibition. Thank you to all those who came last night! The exhibition continues until 15 May 2013.

belgradestreets | O3ONE

Join me at O3ONE here in Belgrade at 19:00 tomorrow, May 7, for the opening night of my belgradestreets exhibition. Thank you so much to all who support belgradestreets! Срећан Ускрс! Belgrade Streets | O3ONE.


Bohemians and writers lived here. Their spirit lives on. Restaurants now dominate the street. Today, a cold day in mid winter, few came out to play. The street is alive with the past. Alive with the hopes of the future. Poets, writers, politicians, lovers. Where are you now? Will you come back to belgradestreets?

Čavketov pasaž

belgradestreets are full of surprises and joy. Tucked away between streets, behind gates, mystery and beauty await those who are prepared to find, those who have a guide to show. Čavketov pasaž would be ignored by most, not even found my most. It rewards examination. My first feelings on arriving on belgradestreets were not positive, … Continue reading Čavketov pasaž

twisted reality

What is real, and what is illusion? Which is the real world when we look into a mirror? Is the world we sense real, or is there some other reality in that which we see reflected in the glass? And what is reality? Is it the reality that we exist in at the moment we … Continue reading twisted reality

novi graffiti

A dark post as the wind howls in the street outside, leaves blow along the empty cracked pavement, darkness fills the corners, shadows filled with menace... Yes, its halloween on belgradestreets. Not much sign of trick or treating. So, here is another set of images from my weekend wander around (novi)belgradestreets. Have a happy and … Continue reading novi graffiti

sometimes dreams come true

September 2012, marked one year of belgradestreets. This post is a thank you to those good people at Komshe who have recently published my book, belgradestreets, which features images taken from this blog. I would particularly like to thank Branko Andrić, the Managing Director of Komshe d.o.o. for backing the idea, and taking the book … Continue reading sometimes dreams come true

vukov spomenik stanica

The Belgrade metro has been a dream since the 1950s. In 1995, the station below Vukov Spomenik opened. Whilst the metro remains an aspiration, the station is very real. And very impressive. Easy to miss, there are no signs at street level to alert you to the beauty that lies below. In an earlier post, … Continue reading vukov spomenik stanica