cover art

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was to imagine the cover of a favourite book, album or magazine.

In a curious twist of fate, this coincided with a new edition of my book going on sale in bookshops across Belgrade, so please forgive this unashamed plug for my work…

I never imagined this would be possible back in September 2011 when I launched belgradestreets.

Thank you to all who have followed and liked my work.

And once again thank you to my friends at Komshe for all their support!

Have a great weekend!


This is my contribution to the latest Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post at WordPress.

6 thoughts on “cover art

  1. I love this place, it is right behind my building! I always loved the fact I will have a little Terazije replica where I live. But one question if I may: do you need a licence to enter there and photograph? It is always locked whenever I come and I only ever see a bridal shoot in there 😦 I would love to take a photograph of my son in there!

  2. It is an amazing place, it was locked when I passed by, one of the security guards saw me looking through the fence and after I used some dreadful Serbian, I think he took pity on me opened the gate and let me in. I was there a while and was alone….try and let me know how you get on! Andy

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