andy townend captures the life and soul of belgrade, serbia

a little more snow…

on waking this morning belgradestreets seemed quiet, it soon became clear why, a thick blanket of snow had fallen over night

and was still falling…

the advantage of the iPhone is that images can be grabbed whilst travelling back and forth, this morning literally as the tram reversed direction due to the snow…a quick tweet to report this resulted in an almost immediate response from a fellow twitterer on the same tram, we had never met, did not meet at that point, and for all I know were standing next to each other on the tram…

so, forgive me for yet more snow pictures and yet, at the same time, I hope you enjoy belgradestreets in winter

thanks again for visiting…more soon (possibly not snow for a while…)


long walk

all aboard!

snow racing allowed!

tram stop

time to walk


rush hour


speedy tram

8 Responses to “a little more snow…”

  1. belgradestreets

    hard not to fall in love with Belgrade, although my first impressions a year ago were not great, freezing cold, fog and smog….took a while but a city that gets under the skin…

  2. belgradestreets

    we have more snow than we know what to do with…and it is very cold…

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