đorđe jovanovića

đorđe jovanović (1861 – 1953) a Serbian sculptor, born in Novi Sad, died in Belgrade, much of his work is found on belgradestreets

the street which bears his name is hidden behind the glorious green market, Бајлонијева пијаца, the subject of one of my earliest posts way back in October 2011

I pass that market most days and feel the urge to go back there with my Nikon, to recapture the sense and feel of one of the treasures of belgradestreets

that may involve an early start to catch the real atmosphere

those who know me well will be sceptical at this point…

đorđe jovanovića has grit to spare, the rear of the market, the bins, the scavenging dogs and collapsed buildings

life, trees, plants, ivy showing that life does not give up, however dire circumstances may seem

on a grey day, that is something worth remembering

life is good, even when all seems lost…

times past
rear entrance

6 thoughts on “đorđe jovanovića

  1. Hi Andy, another set of fine images, always with an eye for detail or viewpoint. Your monos have a clear clarity of tone that reveals those details beautifully.

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