summer’s almost gone

“Morning found us calmly unaware
Noon burned gold into our hair
At night, we swam the laughing sea
When summer’s gone
Where will we be”

Probably my all time favourite band.

The Doors.

Once, many years ago, aged twelve, or thirteen, on a school expedition across Europe I fell in love for the very first time.

The theme track to the expedition, thanks to the only member of our party who had that rare treasure, a cassette player…was “Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine”.

We listened to that album so much I think the cassette player must have all but burned out.

We knew each track inside out.

The track I fell in love with, “Runnin’ Blue”.

So, how appropriate that on the ferry from Pescara to Split, I fell in love with my own, hopelessly unattainable, “pretty little girl with the red dress on”.

For years and years, I wanted to find that album (not to mention that girl…)

An album that never made it to CD.

In March 2010, on a trip from London to Sydney, I found finally a second-hand vinyl copy in a shop on Berwick Street.

A street which also has happy memories for me.

Then, last year, I found the vinyl version of “the soft parade” in the “supermarket” concept store on the corner of Visnjiceva and Strahinjica Bana.

Which, rather circuitously, brings me to the point of this post.

In a bizarre twist of fate, as I struggled to think of a title for this post, I found myself listening to “summer’s almost gone” on “waiting for the sun”…..

Summer’s almost gone on belgradestreets.

These images record the colours as the city changes gear.

…run with me…


10 thoughts on “summer’s almost gone

  1. Still waiting for summer here…perhaps the autumn will be a colourful compensation… your story….music so much encapsulates some parts of our lives.

  2. thanks john, i have wanted to tell the story of that red dress for a long time, photography and music are my passions, a combined antidote to the vicissitudes of modern life…run with me 😉

  3. To be sure….and not just one…….it would be a case of who’s first under the table……….a sure fire antidote to vicissitudes. 😉

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