novi graffiti

A dark post as the wind howls in the street outside, leaves blow along the empty cracked pavement, darkness fills the corners, shadows filled with menace…

Yes, its halloween on belgradestreets.

Not much sign of trick or treating.

So, here is another set of images from my weekend wander around (novi)belgradestreets.

Have a happy and spine tingling halloween…wherever you are.

stating the obvious
come into my garage
scary smiley

4 thoughts on “novi graffiti

  1. Hi there, Andy…….. I suppose that we all have a desire to make our mark, though maybe this mark making is a little masochistic, like self inflicted wounds, so I feel wounded by it as well. Despite this your photos have a raw power. Particularly I like the third view for its ambiguous space. Regards, J.

  2. Yes it is….and your thematic approach and very carefully selected and composed images has your personal identity stamped all over it. The subject matter here….independent of your excellent photography….has always troubled me. I have the same feeling towards it as to those who go into galleries and deface paintings. Architecture, I love, and like the natural patination of ageing and decay, but deliberate defacing goes too far. I recognise that some street art is quite brilliant and maybe Michelangelo, if alive today, might have turned his hand to it……..rant over… your photography.

  3. I have never seen quite so much graffiti here, I suspect that there is a balance between a time when graffiti was one of he few means of self expression many people had here, some of it is really quite amazing, much is simply vandalism, the question is where to draw the line, I may pull together another post to look at the subject more perhaps.

    and thank you for your kind words, again…!

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