twisted reality

What is real, and what is illusion?

Which is the real world when we look into a mirror? Is the world we sense real, or is there some other reality in that which we see reflected in the glass?

And what is reality? Is it the reality that we exist in at the moment we have that thought? The reality that is just passing behind us in the rear view mirror? Or the thoughts and sensations that we have yet to experience?

How does time affect reality?

Thoughts provoked by the mirror image of cara uroša captured below….

Like many of belgradestreets the life depicted on cara uroša provokes thought and the imagination.

Each building different from its neighbour, rich in architectural detail, patterns, shapes and lines. Life.

Mirrors and reflections, hidden details and lost meanings.

I hope you enjoy these images and are wiling to indulge my random thoughts.

twisted reality
(al) fresco
we’ve got it covered
throw in a towel
bowler hatted graffiti
reflected glory
dreams of analogue sheep
on target

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