one year on belgradestreets

One year ago, 5 September 2012, I posted a single image to a new blog, belgradestreets.

Thanks to you, those who read, like, and comment, on my posts, belgradestreets has altered my view of the world.

Given me a new creative outlet. Changed my life.

Always interested in blogging and photography, I had never chanced on a topic that caught my imagination enough to keep up any real consistency.

My first venture into photography saw me carrying a Kodak Instamatic 126 across Europe, aged 13.

I was so proud of that little plastic camera!

Ahead lay a school camping trip which took in Paris, Brussels, Zurich, Luxembourg, Rome, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Monaco, Avignon and many more.

I remember well the cries of boredom from my audience as I presented, with so much pride, my slides, which comprised a hovercraft across the English Channel, several aspects of the bridge at Namur (I was quite captivated), a bridge in Luxembourg and one shot of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

And, err, that was about it.

Some of those slides are still in an old tin box. Waiting to be brought back to digital life.

My inspiration for belgradestreets came from many sources. Not least a challenge from a far away friend to find and photograph examples of asymmetric wrought iron.


Spurred on by my desire to share my increasing love for a fascinating city.

A city full of contradictions and questions.

Here are twelve images to mark the first year of belgradestreets. One from each month (well almost).

Derived from shots I rejected when compiling posts. My very own bloopers?

Like us all, I don’t know what the next year will bring.

I will continue to share belgradestreets with you. I will strive to find ways to keep it fresh. To document the life of this captivating city of culture.

So, if you were me, where would you take belgradestreets?

september 2011
october 2011
november 2011
december 2011
january 2012
february 2012
march 2012
april 2012
may 2012
june 2012
july 2012
september (away in august…) 2012

14 thoughts on “one year on belgradestreets

  1. Brilliant set of rejects. One whole year……….you deserve an award for perseverance…… ain’t easy keeping at it all that time……….and especially maintaining the quality images that we see here. Congratulations Andy.

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