kralja petra

Kralja Petra is one of the most famous of belgradestreets.

Running up from the Orthodox Cathedral, cutting across Knez Mihaila and then on down the hill into Dorćol.

A street whose cobbled surface retains memories of times gone by.

Full of shops, exclusive and otherwise.

Restaurant, cafes and bars.

The ? kafana sits across from the cathedral, its minimalist name a reminder of a dispute with its more spiritual neighbour across the street over using the word ‘cathedral’.

I walk this street often on the way to and from my office.

Each day there is something new to discover.

I recommend the banana granola yoghurt from elixir, a meal in itself, and healthy!

Books, trendy chairs, shoe repairs, fashion, nightlife, if you’re looking you will find it here.

kafana ?
burn road to exit
al fresco books
take a seat
two potted plants and a dress

6 thoughts on “kralja petra

  1. Thank you! The kafana is called the ? kafana. The owner called it the cathedral kafana, church objected so as a kind if tongue in cheek protest he called it ? ..and the name stuck!

  2. As much as I am a fan of colors I always found your grey and white website warm and welcoming. Thank you for sharing (:

  3. Could you please tell me what’s the name of the store with the cool chairs? Thanks in advance

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