beton hala

beton hala, the concrete hall, a former disused and run down warehouse strip running along the banks of the Sava under the gaze of Kalemegdan is poised to be a major tourist draw as belgradestreets pulls in ever more tourists

destined to become a cultural and entertainment hub

a short walk from the pleasures of Knez Mihaila with front row seats taking in one of the best sunsets I have yet to experience over the skyline of Novi Beograd, beton hala is well worth the walk down the “velike stepenice” (big steps) which lead down from Kosaničević Venać

on the way down, why not stop off for a glass or two of wine at the cafe on the steps which perhaps boasts one of the best views in the city…

for years, the city authorities have planned to breath new life into the area….the winners of a competition held in 2011 intend to transform beton hala with a spiral edifice which Belgrade Insight today refers to as “the cloud”

for now, walk along the river side, linger in cafes and restaurants such as Cantina de Frida, Comunale or Iguana…chill out, take a wine, a beer, a coffee….watch the sun melt into the horizon…and count your blessings….

and, as I have urged before, take a trip now, come see what it was like before it was developed

come, experience and live belgradestreets

aqua mont
man and river
tv on my mind
under construction
concrete halls

4 thoughts on “beton hala

  1. Hi Andy, Wonderful gritty shots. My favorite (older crispier man sitting by the water). Every single person in sunglasses, scarves, dark colors, and women with severely pulled back pony tails but classic lines (the one with the cigarrette should teach people how to hold cigarrettes to look chic!). I absolutely enjoy your photos. I am learning so much more about another place in the world.

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