sime markovića

Four weeks ago, I set off on a road trip across Europe.

The night before I left, I enjoyed one of my favourite meals, mešano meso, šopska salata and a chilled local beer (or was it two?).

I chose to sit at one of the tables in the street outside the ? kafana, also one of my favourites.

My meal over, I took a short stroll along sime markoviča.

A street that lies at the heart of belgradestreets.

One that simmers with history on a sizzling summer evening.

A cathedral, a home fit for a princess, the seat of a religion, a restaurant that reflects the royal history of the street.

My own ‘hitchcock’ moment…

All within minutes of the centre of town, the fresh air and river views from Kalemegdan, and the vibrant life along the Sava that lies below.

Soon, I will return to belgradestreets, to see my book published, to share more images, to celebrate one year of documenting a city that captured my heart.

Thank you for following belgradestreets.

forbidden fruit
fit for a princess
converging spires
at crossed purposes
hand in hand

4 thoughts on “sime markovića

  1. More choice images from Belgradestreets…….. I always enjoy them………. and one whole year coming up……… just brilliant Andy.

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