crkva svetog marka

This weekend, I walked up Resavska towards Tašmajdan intent on capturing a set of images for this week's main post. Walking up Resavska, the church of St Mark, Crkva Svetog Marka, dominates the scene with its striking red and cream coloured brickwork. On arriving at Tašmajdan, I was struck by the contrasts on offer. Approaching … Continue reading crkva svetog marka

hram svetog save

this post features one of the best known landmarks on belgradestreets the old and new churches of St. Sava, "harm svetog save" which means "the temple of St Sava" the churches commemorate the burning of the remains of St. Sava in the fields of Vračar in 1594 by the Turkish Grand-Vizier, Sinan-Pasha who, vainly, sought … Continue reading hram svetog save