hram svetog save


this post features one of the best known landmarks on belgradestreets

the old and new churches of St. Sava, “harm svetog save” which means “the temple of St Sava”

the churches commemorate the burning of the remains of St. Sava in the fields of Vračar in 1594 by the Turkish Grand-Vizier, Sinan-Pasha who, vainly, sought to weaken the morale of the Serbs…

my travel guide to Belgrade (Komshe’s Belgrade in your hands) states that the church became the world’s second largest Orthodox Church….it remains to be completed….

there are two churches on the site, the smaller church completed in 1935 after being built according to plans by Victor Lukomski…the structure of the larger new church completed in 1989, the exterior in 2003 when the white marble was added…work continues on the interior…

when researching the church I came across this article which is worth a read… Nationalism in Construction:The Memorial Church of St. Sava on Vračar Hill in Belgrade

the church is dramatic especially against a cloudy sky…the marble exterior a strong contrast to much of belgradestreets

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8 thoughts on “hram svetog save

  1. Yes, it is largest by volume and surface it covers (thus, it can receive the biggest number of people), but it’s not even among the top 5 by height.

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