I have always loved books, reading and losing myself in a good bookstore. One of my earliest memories of childhood was my first visit to a library, being captivated by the rows of books. Their colours, the smell of the books, magic, mystery and marvels awaiting the opening of the first page. The bookstores that … Continue reading књижаре

belgradestreets on blurb

today has been an exciting day... i finally decided to dip a tentative toe into the world of publishing and have just placed a first collection of images from belgradestreets on the blurb online bookstore thank you for visiting belgradestreets more streets to come soon always looking for new inspiration and suggestions for streets to … Continue reading belgradestreets on blurb

trg slavija

trg salvija, a place feared by new drivers on belgradestreets buses, trolley buses, trams, cars, taxis, pedestrians all dance around the square, no logic, no discipline, very few accidents.... hotels, new and old, swanky banks, traditional grilled meats...booksellers all surround the square... at the heart of belgradestreets a place most people pass through without a … Continue reading trg slavija

vase čarapića

This week, vase čarapića, which runs parallel to Knez Mihaila and along the edge of the park in studentski trg. The area occupied by the park has variously see use as a Turkish cemetery, a market place, now a park and place to meet and greet, hail a taxi and ride a bus. I feel … Continue reading vase čarapića