19 thoughts on “thank you komshe…

  1. Is that “Edge of Eternity” on the top shelf? I tried to Google the title for translation, but I can’t see all the letters. 😦 Anyway, “Edge of Eternity” is the book I’m currently reading. I love Ken Follett.

  2. It is indeed! What really impressed me is that when I first arrived in Belgrade one of the first books I purchased was Momo Kapor’s excellent “The Magic of Belgrade” so to see my own book sharing shelf space with his book is almost impossible to believe…

  3. I remember the times when Ožujsko, Nikšičko, Union & other Yu beers went together well. 🙂 And now you’re showing me that dr. Nele has written a book! I’ll stick around to see what else I’ve been missing.

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