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park bench

September 5, 2011 was a special day for me.

The image above, park bench, was the first that I tentatively uploaded to what I had decided, ambitiously I thought then, would be a blog called belgradestreets.

As the blog has developed a life of its own my feelings for this wonderful city, and its people, have grown also.

Today was another special day; the day I signed a deal for a book based on photos from my blog.

So; here’s to Belgrade, the people who live and work here and those fine people at Komshe who will soon bring belgradestreets into print.

And thank you to every single person who has visited my site, pressed the like button, lingered a while, commented.

A very special day.

My very own “Fly Fishing by J R Hartley” moment!

18 thoughts on “belgradestreets book…

  1. YAY! I am SO happy for you. An honor well deserved! You have captured the beauty and essence of the streets of Belgrade. I will be visiting the city – partly because of your photography. Kudos to you!
    Sincerely, Dorie

  2. Absolutely blumin’ marvellous. Congratulations Andy; you have a great eye for a good picture, and also for picture sequences which will be entirely appropriate for your book……… very best wishes to you and good luck with putting it together.

  3. Congratulations again! It is such an exciting thing. And do let me know if you’re looking for reviewers!

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