andy townend captures the life and soul of belgrade, serbia

belgrade aviation museum

belgrade aviation museum

the image above is of the wonderful Belgrade Aviation Museum, well worth a visit if you are on belgradestreets

you can find more information at the official web site or

my original intention had been to post a series of images I captured both in and outside the museum, once I realised that the museum has a new website, I felt it more appropriate to point to that, the museum has seen better days but the staff are wonderful, helpful and polite and worth supporting

thank you to them and to you for visiting belgradestreets once more

4 Responses to “belgrade aviation museum”

  1. marinachetner

    That’s a cool shot! I’m in architecture mode alot these days too so more of these photos would be awesome to see!

  2. belgradestreets

    thanks, it is a fascinating building, sadly not in good condition but all the more interesting for that…

  3. Emm

    This is a lovely shot. I like that it looks monochrome until you click on it and see the subtle blues and greys. It is great that the staff remain so excellent despite their lack of funding.

  4. belgradestreets

    thank you, the staff are remarkable, as are many belgraders in similar circumstances…

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