After the excitement of the exhibition. Time to get back to belgradestreets. An evening in Spring. Cafes humming. Roses blooming. Church bells ringing. People talking. Life calling. Don't miss the call. Don't miss the chance to love. Live. Before it's too late.

faces on blok 44

Faces tell all. Joy, pain, love, fear, sorrow, longing. These faces live below Blok 44 in Novi Beograd. Buses, trams, cars, trucks trundle by on the street above. Passengers oblivious of the faces, the lives, below? Looking for inspiration when preparing this post, I found these words which I'd like to share... "To think, for … Continue reading faces on blok 44

Луке Вукаловића

I've been away this last week. I swapped belgradestreets for the streets of Algiers. I learned a lot in a short time. Once I thought I knew my place in the world. The more I travel, the more I experience, the less certain I am of my place. And the more certain I become that … Continue reading Луке Вукаловића

angels and demons

Graffiti provokes a response. Emotional. Visceral. Basic. A cry. These belgradestreets; the people who live, love and work here, provoke me. Graffiti enrages, captures, beguiles us. I'd like to share a line of poetry, and a heartfelt thank you... "For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are still just able to … Continue reading angels and demons

shopping mall

There are shiny, bright modern shopping malls on belgradestreets. Ušće and Delta City to name but two. And then there are more intriguing malls, from a time that seems forgotten to many. Bold concrete and metal. Curves, gates, stairways, a lost world just behind Terazije. Locked gates, broken windows. Hand made goods, street food, shoe … Continue reading shopping mall


Bohemians and writers lived here. Their spirit lives on. Restaurants now dominate the street. Today, a cold day in mid winter, few came out to play. The street is alive with the past. Alive with the hopes of the future. Poets, writers, politicians, lovers. Where are you now? Will you come back to belgradestreets?


I'm a man in search of inspiration. Looking for a way to keep belgradestreets fresh, alive. One way is to spread further afield, I have barely scratched the surface of Novi Beograd and countless other communities that make up this captivating city? Another would be to search for a more thematic approach, I'm toying with … Continue reading тиршова

walk on by…

These images, taken as part of my "hidden places" theme, are a sign of where I'd like to go with my photography, recording the people of belgradestreets. As we walk the streets in our city, wherever that is, what do we know of the people around us? Who are they? Where are they going? Why? … Continue reading walk on by…