faces on blok 44

Faces tell all.

Joy, pain, love, fear, sorrow, longing.

These faces live below Blok 44 in Novi Beograd.

Buses, trams, cars, trucks trundle by on the street above.

Passengers oblivious of the faces, the lives, below?

Looking for inspiration when preparing this post, I found these words which I’d like to share…

“To think, for instance, that I have never been aware before how many faces there are. There are quantities of human beings, but there are many more faces, for each person has several. There are people who wear the same face for years; naturally it wears out, it gets dirty, it splits at the folds, it stretches, like gloves one has worn on a journey. These are thrifty, simple people; they do not change their face, they never even have it cleaned. It is good enough, they say, and who can prove to them the contrary? The question of course arises, since they have several faces, what do they do with the others? They store them up. Their children will wear them. But sometimes, too, it happens that their dogs go out with them on. And why not? A face is a face.”

Quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge
faces 001

faces 002

faces 003

faces 004

faces 005

faces 006

5 thoughts on “faces on blok 44

  1. The eyes in the 3rd from the end are mesmerizing especially for graffiti !

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