walk on by…

These images, taken as part of my “hidden places” theme, are a sign of where I’d like to go with my photography, recording the people of belgradestreets.

As we walk the streets in our city, wherever that is, what do we know of the people around us?

Who are they?

Where are they going?


“Walk on by. Walk on through. Walk ’til you run. And don’t look back. For here I am…”

Lyrics from U2, The Unforgettable Fire







5 thoughts on “walk on by…

  1. Great shots. I’ve found my mind wandering along those questions more while I’m in my car (since I spend about two hours a day in my car). Where is everyone going? What is their back story? And I am often awed by the sheer number of people that always have places to be and are out on the road with me. Every single one of them has their own story. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes.

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