angels and demons

Graffiti provokes a response. Emotional. Visceral. Basic. A cry. These belgradestreets; the people who live, love and work here, provoke me. Graffiti enrages, captures, beguiles us. I'd like to share a line of poetry, and a heartfelt thank you... "For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are still just able to … Continue reading angels and demons

“Uzalud je budim — In vain I wake her…”

"Uzalud je budim -- In vain I wake her" This is my response to the latest Weekly Writing Challenge by The Daily Post at WordPress. My response is an attempt to illustrate the beautiful words of a poem penned in 1956 by Branko Miljković with images from belgradestreets. Words introduced to me today. I am … Continue reading “Uzalud je budim — In vain I wake her…”

kosovke devojke

A final set of images from my contemplative weekend walk around the parks in the centre of Belgrade. Across the street from the fountains of Андрићев Венац, another small park composed of a few terraced areas shaded by trees. Along the side, steps run down past faded buildings. Graffiti once more adorns the walls. We … Continue reading kosovke devojke