trg slavija

trg salvija, a place feared by new drivers on belgradestreets

buses, trolley buses, trams, cars, taxis, pedestrians all dance around the square, no logic, no discipline, very few accidents….

hotels, new and old, swanky banks, traditional grilled meats…booksellers all surround the square…

at the heart of belgradestreets a place most people pass through without a second glance…worth a look

come to belgradestreets when you can, before it loses its unique character and charm…

red yellow
hotel slavija
brain food

9 thoughts on “trg slavija

  1. thank you…again…:-) err…yes it is McD with some editing in Silver Efex Pro….one of the staples of Serbian cuisine is grilled meat of every variety, including amazing pljeskavica, why any country that turns out pljeskavica on every street corner (see the pic titled “hungry”) needs, or wants, the big mac baffles me….btw…seeing Pie Face in NYC was amazing…there is one just round the corner from my old office in Market Street…

  2. Yeah – how cool is it that Pie Face started up in NYC! I had it as my last meal before my flight back to NY from Sydney in May (they have a shop in the airport). It was funny hearing the Aussie accent and it’s a small store that will get heaps of foot traffic. it’s located right NEXT DOOR to David Letterman!

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