vase čarapića

books in window

This week, vase čarapića, which runs parallel to Knez Mihaila and along the edge of the park in studentski trg.

The area occupied by the park has variously see use as a Turkish cemetery, a market place, now a park and place to meet and greet, hail a taxi and ride a bus.

I feel the park is worth a post of its own some day

Street lined with bookshops, university buildings, students, books laid out on the street, professors talking earnestly outside doors, people wrapped up against the cold…and dogs (inevitably)

Every alley, every open door beckons, wanting to share secrets.

Galleries, night clubs and an orchestra.

A striking new hotel, its stark modern style in sharp contrast with the hustle and bustle of the chaotic mix of styles that line the street.

Loud rock music fills the air outside the Faculty of Philosophy.

A typical slice of life on belgradestreets

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