belgradestreets on blurb

today has been an exciting day…

i finally decided to dip a tentative toe into the world of publishing and have just placed a first collection of images from belgradestreets on the blurb online bookstore

thank you for visiting belgradestreets

more streets to come soon

always looking for new inspiration and suggestions for streets to explore

6 thoughts on “belgradestreets on blurb

  1. Congratulations Andy! Well deserved!! Your information and pictures of Belgrade are fascinating, crisp, and I appreciate the time you take to show the rest of us about Serbia. Stunning shots! Very happy for you!


  2. thank you, it is a real pleasure to document such a fascinating city and at such a pivotal moment in the country’s history, thanks for visiting and liking belgradestreets!

  3. thank you, much appreciated, would also value any comments on my work, especially things I can do to improve and find a new perspective on the city

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