airport books…

One freezing cold day in January 2011, I arrived at this airport, tired and anxious about the future

I had no idea how much my life would change because of this city, and the people who live and work there

The book was a lucky break

I will never be able to to give back what the city and the people who live there gave to me but I will never stop trying 

And thank you to Komshe for all your support 


2 thoughts on “airport books…

  1. I absolutely love this photo. It’s like a cluster of the most exquisite compliments any city could ever be given. And I love how – finally – there is a truly wonderful selection to choose from, when looking for a nice Belgrade-y present for someone dear, someone from abroad (in my case, my Dutch and English family and lots of American n European friends).
    Beograd is one of those…shall we say “acquired taste” cities that most foreigners (especially if sent here on business) can’t wait to escape from.
    It always fills my heart with joy, when I see a foreigner (especially if sent here on business, as you were, if I understood correctly 🙂 ), seeing my hometown like you do – seeing beneath the crumbly grey facades and pothole-ridden roads.
    It takes a certain kind of a “Western Person” to not dismiss Belgrade immediately upon arriving at the airport because there isn’t a “Starbucks” in sight… but to maybe dig a bit deeper and to have the patience, the curiosity, the will and even the spirit and the imagination, to crack the code of this wonderful, diverse, unique city, tune into it’s charmingly mad frequency, take a deep breath and then just let go – dive into all of it’s various, often contrasting faces and places… soon to discover that the best ones are those shabby looking little corners, niches almost invisible from the outside, stashed behind some more crumbly facades…
    Dear Andy, congratulations on the wonderful work of art that you have created. I am sure I speak for my fellow Belgraders too when I say: thank you for this beautiful, charming, warm, unique (just as Belgrade is), brilliant compliment that Belgrade will now always proudly wear on it’s sleeve – in the airport shop window. As well as in many other shop windows and coffee tables, worldwide.
    Dear Andy,
    Congratulations and Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for this, your words and appreciation for what I have tried to do are so wonderful to read. And you have captured my feelings for the city very well, I was unhappy when I first arrived, very, then I grew to love the city for the kind of reasons you articulate. When I came back for a few days in July it honestly felt like returning home. I miss Belgrade and it will always be a part of me….thank you again!

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