May has been a busy month on belgradestreets and as the month comes to a close, I am looking forward to sharing more images with you in June as the Summer approaches.

Perhaps sensing the uncertainty which has surrounded the outcome of the recent election, the weather has swung wildly from hot sun to turbulent storms.

Thank you for visiting belgradestreets.

Come back soon!

14 thoughts on “clouds

  1. I like those clouds. A good storm is nice to cool down the warm days. I’m especially enjoying the thunder and crackle of lightning… something I didn’t really even pay attention to before.

  2. Thanks Marina, we have had some stunning storms here, wild and crazy swings in temperature, hot sunny days and then torrential rain and clouds that on occasion seem to have come straight from hell itself…. 🙂

  3. have you heard that crazy rumour about 2012 being ‘the year’? i caught a glimpse of a current affairs program discussing how people are cashing in on the ‘event’. might be worth a google..!

  4. certainly have, 21 December 2012 (I think) according to the Mayan calendar marks timeout for the world, so either we had better all enjoy a great summer or the Mayan Calendar industry is going to have to diversify pretty quickly…..

  5. Andy – I think you’ll find the business side of this so-called day very interesting, and amusing. there are conventions held for it!

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