ada huja…super natural

this post was inspired by two things

the first was a wordpress post which spoke about Earth Day

the second was a tweet from livinginbelgrade which spoke about the Super Natural Festival

the ada huja area is a fitting place to think about our relationship with our planet

an area of waste, pollution and neglect on the banks of the danube

the city has recognised this and a clean up is under way, there is much to do

belgrade marked earth day as perhaps only it could do, with grit, humour and a smiling face

belgradestreets at their best?

how did you mark Earth Day?

izlaz / enter
like this?
bicycles come free
fight back
zemlja gruva
shout it out
sharks snakes & planes
belgraders listening
beograd recycled
what's next?
call of nature
tired earth
will we take the right path?
ulaz / exit

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