other side

Every now and then I find linkages between clips of music which have sustained, uplifted and inspired me over the years. ...and sometimes the music resonates with a mood, a feeling... ...during the last weekend, when I decided to begin to explore New Belgrade through my lens, I felt many conflicting emotions so, these words … Continue reading other side


Life on belgradestreets is as much about music as it is architecture, graffiti and cafe life. Belgrade and those who live and work here know how to party. Music of every shade is alive and well in venues all over the city and further afield. These images, captured on my iPhone and published originally on … Continue reading zaz

ada huja…super natural

this post was inspired by two things the first was a wordpress post which spoke about Earth Day the second was a tweet from livinginbelgrade which spoke about the Super Natural Festival the ada huja area is a fitting place to think about our relationship with our planet an area of waste, pollution and neglect … Continue reading ada huja…super natural