An extra post of images captured after my walk along Braće Krsmanović.

Fruškogorska lies at the top of the steps which lead up from Karadjordjeva, alongside Brankov Most, and connects by another flight of ancient steps to kосанчићев венац, all of which have been feature on my blog.

The street is lined with cobbles and the walls sprayed with graffiti.

A little slice of belgradestreets

which is your favourite belgradestreet, where should I go next?

more soon…

so cool!
blue door
pink squiggle

6 thoughts on “fruškogorska

  1. Hi Andy!

    As ever your shots are gritty, raw, and stunning. I simply love your eye for graffiti on the streets. MY favorite, like “VictorsMovieReviews” was the blue door (aka as The Tardis). And I like the alligator on the wall? So random! I will look forward to your future posts.

    Be well & Safe!

  2. really cool Andy. The world seems like a smaller place when you notice details in common with cities on the other side of the earth 🙂 My favourite is ‘trees’.

  3. Thanks Marina, photography and blogging also helps us all share the little corner of the world that we call home, perhaps also helping reach a better understanding of those places

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